9 Pockets bag organizer insert

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Key points : 

  • 9 pockets
  • Convenient dimensions
  • Washable material
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Travel essential
9 pockets bag organiser insert - for bags purse and handbag

Organize properly your purse or bag and move your essentials from 1 purse to another in an instant !

In a rush to find something inside your bag but things are all cluttered? If you have a bag organizer, it will be easier to find your phone charger, make-up, perfume, pen or whatever it is you’re looking for. No need to scramble around!

9 pockets bag organiser insert - essential for your daily life

Why do you need a Purse, Bag Organizer?

If you've ever struggled through a sea of lipsticks, gum wrappers, old receipts and phone charger before finding exactly what it was that you were looking for inside your bag, well you're not alone.

Keeping a handbag in order is a problem a lot of us is experiencing.

9 pockets bag organiser insert - practical insert

Plus with a lot of different handbags, it can be really annoying and time consuming to transfer everything from one bag to another. Thanks to this handbag organizer with 9 useful pockets, you can simply store everything you need and transfer it from one bag to another without worrying about forgetting anything or getting your bag messy ever again.

9 pockets bag organiser insert - easy to transfer

Convenient dimensions

The purse insert is designed with convenient dimensions to fit most bags, purse and handbags. It consists of 9 pockets of different sizes to classify and organize your personal belongings.

  • 1 large external side pocket
  • 3 medium side pockets
  • 3 removable pockets with velcro in the center of the bag to keep your stuff in place
  • 2 inside side pockets perfect for holding cosmetics, cell phone, cards, books, travel items and a lot more.
9 pockets bag organiser insert - Convenient dimensions

Characteristics : 

  • Material : Soft fabric
  • Colours : Red, Black, Beige, Grey
  • Dimensions : 26cm x 15cm x 15cm

Included : 

1x 9 Pockets bag organizer insert. 

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