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Self-adhesive leather repair patch

Repair your furniture and other leather objects with this self-adhesive, resistant leather repair patch.

Available in 9 different colors!

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Minimalist Coat Rack -Minimalist Coat Rack
Minimalist Coat Rack
From £47.95
In stock
Electric Handheld Milk Frother with holder - OzaytiElectric Handheld Milk Frother with holder
Inflatable Alien Costume -Inflatable Alien Costume
Inflatable Alien Costume
From £40.95
In stock
Plush Burger Cushion -Plush Burger Cushion
Plush Burger Cushion
In stock
3-in-1 Laser Tape Measure -3-in-1 Laser Tape Measure
3-in-1 Laser Tape Measure
From £57.95
In stock
20-Pack Refrigerator Shelf Dividers -20-Pack Refrigerator Shelf Dividers
Hair Collector for Shower -Hair Collector for Shower
Hair Collector for Shower
In stock
Emergency Venom Extractor Kit -Emergency Venom Extractor Kit
Shower Cap with Ear Protectors for Kids -Shower Cap & Ear Protectors for Kids
Waterproof Pet Litter Mat -Waterproof Pet Litter Mat
Waterproof Pet Litter Mat
From £20.95
In stock
Hanging Expandable Rubbish Storage Bin -Hanging Expandable Rubbish Storage Bin
Harry Potter Magic Fire-Shooting Wand -Harry Potter Magic Fire-Shooting Wand
Portable Pet Feeder & Water Bottle -Portable Pet Feeder & Water Bottle
Food Cutter/Slicer -Food Cutter/Slicer
Food Cutter/Slicer
In stock
Silicone Door Stopper and Holder -Silicone Door Stopper and Holder
Velcro Cable Organiser -Velcro Cable Organiser
Velcro Cable Organiser
In stock
Press Button & Plier Pack -Press Button & Plier Pack
Press Button & Plier Pack
In stock
Soft Exfoliating Body Sponge -Soft Exfoliating Body Sponge
4 pcs Luminous Valve Caps for Cars -4 pcs Luminous Valve Caps for Cars
Set of Hinge Repair Plates -Set of Hinge Repair Plates
Set of Hinge Repair Plates
From £9.95
In stock
All-in-1 Toothpaste Dispenser Rack -All-in-1 Toothpaste Dispenser Rack
Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Earbuds -Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with Earbuds
Non-Stick Electric Crepe Maker -Non-Stick Electric Crepe Maker
Wooden Window Perch for Cats -Wooden Window Perch for Cats
Electric Callus Remover -Electric Callus Remover
Electric Callus Remover
In stock
Flexible Kitchen Tap with Sensor -Flexible Kitchen Tap with Sensor
Lightweight Beach Shade Tent -Lightweight Beach Shade Tent
5 Pairs of Shoe Pads for Heels -5 Pairs of Shoe Pads for Heels
Wireless Kitchen Ice Crusher -Wireless Kitchen Ice Crusher
Vegetable Planter Fabric Pouch -Vegetable Planter Fabric Pouch
Vegetable Planter Fabric Pouch
From £9.95
In stock
Leaf-Shaped Soap Holder with Drain -Leaf-Shaped Soap Holder with Drain
Inflatable Mattress Baby Bed  -Inflatable Mattress Baby Bed
Mini Toy Claw Machine -Mini Toy Claw Machine
Mini Toy Claw Machine
In stock
3D Silicone iPhone Case -3D Silicone iPhone Case
3D Silicone iPhone Case
In stock
Pet Deshedding Brush -Pet Deshedding Brush
Pet Deshedding Brush
In stock
Adhesive Swivel Furniture Wheel -Adhesive Swivel Furniture Wheel
Pleated Stretch Shopping Bag -Pleated Stretch Shopping Bag
Inflatable Bed for Car Backseat -Inflatable Bed for Car Backseat
Face Tracking Mobile Phone Tripod -Face Tracking Mobile Phone Stand
Pump Garden Sprayer -Pump Garden Sprayer
Pump Garden Sprayer
From £20.95
In stock
LED Garland of Fireworks - OzertyLED Garland of Fireworks
LED Garland of Fireworks
In stock
Abdominal Rollers with Resistance Bands - OzertyAbdominal Rollers with Resistance Bands
Reflective Cycling Vest With LED - OzertyReflective Cycling Vest With LED
Absorbent Anti-Slip Mat - OzertyAbsorbent Anti-Slip Mat
Absorbent Anti-Slip Mat
In stock
Beverage Dispenser for Bottles - OzertyBeverage Dispenser for Bottles
Wooden Table Hockey Game - OzertyWooden Table Hockey Game
Wooden Table Hockey Game
In stock
Reusable Shopping Bag For Trolley - OzertyReusable Shopping Bag For Trolley
Gardening Gloves with Claws - OzertyGardening Gloves with Claws
Portable Retractable Stool - OustiprixPortable Retractable Stool
Plush Talking Hamster - OzertyPlush Talking Hamster
Plush Talking Hamster
In stock

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