About Us

Ozerty is an online shop where you can find great mix of products. All from practical day-to-day tools, to fun gadgets. We know that practical solutions are necessary for every home, as well as tasteful home decor. That's why we have it all, to meet all your needs.

We want to offer you the best quality for the price. This is why we include strict quality control and active listening to our customers.

The company itself, the people behind the brand, is a team filled with a positive spirit. We are a young and dynamic group. Putting our minds together we can come up with creative solutions to help you as a customer in the best way. Our team is international which is a huge plus for any eCommerce business.


Our Mission 

Our mission, or dream if you may, is to be able to give you exactly what you want. And if that exact product or service is not available at the moment, we'll do our best to give you great options. And take any feedback into consideration for the future. All to assure that we offer the best service available to you.


Our Vision

When we look into the future Ozerty, we see a worldwide expansion. At the moment we are available for our customers in the UK, but we expect to be able to reach more of Europe. Middle East, Asia and all the way to South America.

But geographic expansion is not the only project we have. We add more products and services to our catalogue all the time. With your satisfaction as our main goal.

Now that Ozerty as a company is more familiar to you, we invite you to have a look at our collections. As mentioned earlier, we have a little of everything! You'll find both gardening tools and smart home-office solutions. From pet accessories to tech gadgets and baby toys… you name it!

Would you need some help purchasing from Ozerty, you can contact our Customer Service. Our agents are quite awesome and will do their best to help you every step of the way!

Contact us :

From 9am. to 6pm. Monday to Friday.
020 3936 5400
E-mail: contact.uk@ozerty.com

If you are looking for a career opportunity contact us via our LinkedIn profile.