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  • High Precision Day And Night

  • Easy To Install

  • Valuable Help

  • Universal

  • Easy To Transport

Take advantage of an LED fish finder when fishing and never miss a fish again.

fishing rod sensor | LED sensor for fishing rod | fishing alert touch sensor - Oustiprix

High Precision Day And Night

The touch sensor is very sensitive and is triggered immediately when a fish bites the hook. It will alert you immediately with a soft sound and a blue LED light. Don't miss a good opportunity to catch a fish (carp, tuna, trout, red mullet, bream...) even at night.

Touch Sensor For Fishing Rods - High Precision Day And Night - Oustiprix

Easy To Install

Using the bite alarm is very simple. Simply attach the detector to the fishing rod and place the line between the hooks on the case. As soon as the line moves, the alarm will be triggered and you will be able to react instantly.

Touch Sensor For Fishing Rods - Easy To Install - Oustiprix

Valuable Help

It is well known that fishing is a passion and a sport that requires a lot of attention and patience. Staying alert for long hours is not for everyone... That's why this detector is very valuable for staying focused even when you're tired.

Touch Sensor For Fishing Rods - Valuable Help - Oustiprix


The detector is specially designed to fit any type of fishing rod. It will be effective at all times and in all circumstances. It's perfect for novices and expert anglers alike.

Touch Sensor For Fishing Rods - Universal - Oustiprix

Easy To Transport

Going fishing often requires moving from one place to another, and if you are walking you will have to go without a lot of things or without a lot of weight, as some places can be difficult to access. That's why this device has a small, easy-to-carry design. So you will be equipped and without a lot of weight.

Touch Sensor For Fishing Rods - Easy To Transport - Oustiprix

Technical characteristics :

  • Dimensions: 50mm x 55mm x 15mm
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Light: LED
Touch Sensor For Fishing Rods - Dimensions - Oustiprix

Included :

1x Fishing rod touch alarm sensor

3x LR44 button batteries (included)

Touch Sensor For Fishing Rods - Package - Oustiprix

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