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Key Points : 

  • No electricity
  • Quick thawing
  • For all frozen food
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Compact sizing


Defrost meat, chicken, fish and more frozen food without electricity or chemical with this food defrost tray.

Food defrost tray - Defrost food - Ozerty

Natural way to defrost food without electricity.

Thanks to the conductive metal the food is thawed in a quick time around 30 minutes without microwave or electric device.

Food defrost tray - Defrost system - Ozerty

Thawing technology

Freezing is excellent to keep food eatable during weeks, however food usually lose some flavour due to the defrost method. Microwave will burn some specificities of your favourite food while air frier might cook your food too dry. The use of aluminium defrost plater is a convenient solution to maintain your food as fresh as you bought it after thawing.

Food defrost tray - Thawing technology - Ozerty

Easy to use

Put your frozen food (meat, fish, veggies..) directly on the tray Wait between 10 to 30 minutes according to the size of your food and the Teflon and aluminium structure of the tray will defrost it. Then ready to be cooked.

Food defrost tray - Easy to use - Ozerty

Heat transfer system

Conductive metal alloy has the particularity to absorb the cold and convert it into heat. This is why no other electric source is needed to defrost your food.

Food defrost tray - Heat transfer system - Ozerty

Easy to wash

The platter is specially designed with a compact dimensions to fit into your dishwasher and to facilitate handling while using and cleaning in a sink. 

Food defrost tray - Easy to wash - Ozerty

Characteristics : 

Material : ABS plastic and Aluminium Alloy

Colours : Black

Dishwasher friendly : YES

Dimensions : 23cm x 6,5cm

Food defrost tray - Dimensions - Ozerty

Included : 

1x Food defrost tray

Food defrost tray - Included - Ozerty


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